In Our Goat Milk Soaps

Our goat milks soaps are made with fresh goat milk, never canned and never powdered.  We also use some of the finest soap making oils, such as 100% grade A olive oil,  coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, sweet almond oil (please note, if you have nut allergies you may be sensitive to this oil), and castor oil, which is a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin.   We also use sodium hydroxide (otherwise known as lye).  This is what turns the oils into soap and is absolutely necessary for soap making.  We test all our soaps to make sure none remains in the finished product.  For color, we use titanium dioxide, and cosmetic grade micas, ultramarines and oxides.  For scent, we use fragrance oils specifically made for soap and cosmetic making, that are FDA tested and approved to be skin and body safe.  The only additional additive we use is sodium lactate, a vegetable-derived salt, which helps make your bar of soap harder, and therefore longer lasting.


In Our Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars contain nearly the same ingredients as our goat milk soaps, though in a different formulation.  We use distilled water (one of the purest forms of water), and we also add avocado oil, which is high in fatty acids that are believed to be good for the hair, as well as a higher amount of castor oil, so that it’s humectant properties can keep the strands of hair moist, in addition to the amazing lather it provides, which is necessary for a good shampoo.


In Our Clay Soaps

Our clay face and body soaps have been formulated for gentleness and mildness, using olive, coconut, sustainable palm, avocado, almond and castor oils.  The mildest of these contains kaolin clay and sea clay, both of which are known for their gentleness on sensitive skin. Our next soap contains french red clay and french green clay, both of which are believed to be good for normal to oily skin types, due to their supposed detoxifying properties.  Our third soap contains activated charcoal, which is believed to absorb dirt and oil from the pores, and rose clay, which is mildly exfoliating and detoxifying.  All soaps contain either a minimal amount of lavender essential oil, for it’s soothing properties, or tea tree oil, known for it’s astringent and antiseptic properties.


In Our Lotion Bars

Coming Soon.


In Our Lip Balms

Coming soon.


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