An Introduction

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Savon de Marseille.  Savon d’Alep.  Savon de mer.

Marseille soap, Aleppo soap and, well, sea soap.  All soap named for places, so why not Charlotte?  Obviously, we are no famous soaping capital yet, but maybe one day.  Hence the name.

And onto myself and the purpose of this blog.  *waves*

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I love to make soap.  A few years ago, I picked up a bar of handmade soap in Brevard, a tiny mountain town here in NC.  I took it home, washed with it, and was amazed at how different it was from the commercial bars to which I was accustomed.  And so, much in the way I taught myself knitting, drawing and a few other hobbies, I decide to try my hand at soap.

That was two years ago.  Then I got pregnant, and morning sickness prevented me from making soap, more than the pregnancy itself.  And then, I had a newborn.  It’s hard to find time to make soap with a baby.  But now she is almost a year old, and not quite so dependent on me, so lately I have found myself with more free time than I have had in quite a long time.  So I started making soap again.

And I love it.



Above are some of the bars I’ve made in the past few weeks alone.  Salt bars on top, the red is beer soap, the green and cream is conditioning shampoo, the skinny bars are cherry blossom goat milk, the tan ones are milk and honey and the bottom right bars are clarifying shampoo.  Man, do I love making soap.  It’s kind of like baking, but less heat and more danger.  (I make cold-process soap which, in short, requires handling lye, lots of stirring and a good long cure).

In just the last few weeks I have discovered a myriad of possible thing to add to soap, many of which I didn’t know were possible, and more of which I have yet to try.  A few obvious ones: milk, beer, cider (made that too!), honey, salt.  And some not so obvious ones include pureed bananas! Then there are the myriad butters and oils, fragrances and colors, clays, herbs…you get the point.

One day, I hope to sell soap.  However, right now, my goal is to make and perfect as many colors and scents and textures and kinds of soap as I can.  As I do, I want to share my mistakes, successes and surprises with you.

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