Are your soaps and other products vegan? 

Mostly no, sorry.  I use goat’s milk in quite a few of my soaps and beeswax in my lotion bars and lip balms.  Many of my shampoo bars, however, are vegan, right down to the fragrance.  However, I am in contact with quite a few soapers, nationwide, so if you would like me to find a regular soap maker with vegan products in your area, let me know, and I would be happy to assist.

Is there lye/sodium hydroxide in your soap?

In the finished soap? No. Does it go into the pot at the beginning?  Yes.  You absolutely cannot make soap without lye.  Soap is formed through the chemical reaction (saponification) of the fats by the lye.  In properly made soap, just a little bit of fats and oils will remain and absolutely no sodium hydroxide.  All of our soaps are tested to make sure they contain no remaining sodium hydroxide.

How can I make my soap last?

To ensure the longest lasting soaps, store them in a well-draining soap dish as far from direct streams of water as possible, so they can dry as much as possible between uses.  In the shower, I also recommend using a soap saver (little knitted bag the soap goes in), washcloth or loofah rather than rubbing the soap directly on the skin, as you will use less soap but get a better lather this way.

How should I store my soaps until I use them?

Store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.  I like to store mine in a drawer or closet so their scent freshens up the space.  Please do not store them in enclosed plastic bags as this may cause them to spoil.  Soaps need just a bit of air to breathe.

How do I use a shampoo bar?

Get your hair good and wet.  If you have short hair, just rub it all over.   If you have long hair, I find stroking it from front to back in the direction of growth works the best.  Then rub your hands in and lather it up just like you would regular shampoo.  If you need a little more lather, add a little more water!  Please keep in mind, you won’t get as much lather as regular shampoo as our shampoo is free of foaming detergents and surfactants, but your hair is still getting clean!


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