Friends & Family: Envelope of Soap!

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If you were interested in my destashes of soap that didn’t quite work, the soaps pictured are available.  In order to participate, you will use the contact form above and message me with your four choices and an email at which to send you an invoice which can be paid via Paypal.  If you don’t have Paypal, there is I believe, an option to pay via debit/credit card without getting a Paypal.  The cost is shipping ($5.75) times two to cover materials ($11.50 total).  For this price you will receive four bars of your choice (please let me know your four choices).  If they are already all gone, I will pick something at random.

Clockwise from top left: coconut salt bar, castile soap (not available), oatmeal lager, cherry blossom goat milk, beer soap, oatmeal milk & honey soap, lavender goat milk soap and applejack cider soap.

Coconut salt bar: Made with sea salt and coconut oil, fragranced with creamy coconut, this is a rock hard bar.  Salt bars are supposed to be detoxifying and exfoliating.  This one takes a bit to get lathering, but makes a low, thick, creamy lather.

Castile soap: Pictured but not available.  Castile soap must cure six months.

Oatmeal lager: An unscented soap made with finely ground oatmeal and lager.

Cherry blossom goat milk:  Fragranced with cherry blossom and made with goat milk, this was my first attempt at goat milk soap.  The recipe has since been improved.

Beer soap: This was my first beer soap, but had to be rebatched due to overheating, hence the unusual appearance.  Does make very slightly pink bubbles.

Oatmeal milk & honey soap: This is a beautiful soap, fragranced with the OMH scent, which is sweet and nutty.  It does have soda ash on top, a completely harmless salt byproduct of soapmaking.

Lavender goat milk: Same recipe as the cherry blossom, scented with lavender essential oil.

Cider soap:  This is one of my favorites.  Caked in soda ash, but a creamy, lovely lather.

And the bonus soaps.  If you would like, you can add one of these for 1.50 per bar, on top of your four bars.  They are made from my up-to-date recipes, but are only posted here because I am not happy with the thickness of cut, the color design or something of the like.  (For example, the french green clay is being replace with a red and green clay swirl).

Clockwise from top left: apricot freesia goat milk soap, coffee kitchen & garden soap, french green clay facial soap and lemon verbena shea butter soap.

 Apricot freesia goat milk: This is my finalized recipe and only here because I am not happy with the coloration (I was going for apricot swirls).

Coffee kitchen and garden soap: Made with espresso and with locally roasted beans for exfoliant, scented with a coffee fragrance, this is great for cooks (coffee removes odors).

French green clay soap: I have been washing my face with this for weeks. Love it.  A great face and body soap, it’s made with french green clay and skin loving oils.

Lemon verbena shea butter soap: This soap is here because it was cut really unevenly. Otherwise, a beautiful shea soap with nearly 20% shea butter and lemon verbena fragrance.

Any questions?  Message me!  I only have four Priority Mail envelopes (more on order) so the first four to contact me will go out this week, the rest will go out before I leave for vacation next weekend!

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