Soap Sunday

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I am going to attempt to start posting regularly on Sunday, with an overview of the soaps I have made over the last week, the soaps I’ve tested and whatever my work in progress is.  This is the first of, hopefully, many Soap Sundays.



Left: Ginger Lime Shea Butter Soap.  Made in my new 9-bar slab mold, with the dividers.  The whiteness on top is soda ash, a common and harmless by-product of soapmaking.

Center: Lavender Goat Milk Soap. Made in one of my trusty loaf molds, I did a hanger swirl and stuck this soap in the freezer, rather than letting it reach gel phase.

Right: Lemon Verbena Shea Soap.  Also, made in the 9-bar mold, but without the dividers (I wanted to see how different the bars would look).  The fragrance I used accelerated trace a bit, so I didn’t get as many defined swirls as I’d have liked.


French Green Clay Facial Soap (not pictured): I have oily skin and the problem I find with most soaps for my skin type, is they tend to be too cleansing, and in the end my face ends up getting oilier in order to combat it.  So, I formulated this soap to try and fix that problem, with a little lavender essential and eucalyptus EOs, and lots of french green clay. And I have to say, I love it!  It’s got a creamy lather, and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry, even if I don’t put moisturizer on after.

Apricot freesia.

Apricot Freesia Goat Milk Soap: Version 3.0 of goat milk soaps, since I’ve gotten back into soap making, and I have to say, this one is the winner.  It’s lathers beautifully, leaves my skin feeling soft and smells great.  The only thing I have to perfect is the peachy swirl I was going for (obviously, it’s not even visible, so I’ll have to up my colorant next time).

In Progress

Cedar and Saffron Avocado Shampoo Bar


In the pot, in the mold and in gel phase.  My husband loves the conditioning shampoo bar I formulated for him, but requested a masculine scent.  Tonight, I whipped up a two pound batch.  It should come out of the mold tomorrow evening and be cured in four to six weeks.  Hopefully, he won’t run through the rest of his last batch of bars before then.  Come back next week to see how it came out!

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  1. Beautiful soaps! The color in your lavender goat milk is lovely. I love the light, but not too light shade of purple.

  2. They all look lovely! Even with the soda ash, your ginger lime looks really nice. Sounds really fragrant too.