Update: Select Six Gift Sets

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So far the gift set plans are coming along nicely.  I have ten varieties of soap made (listed below) and a few more planned, for sure.  Current plans are that the gift sets will be available for pre-order by the end of September and the soaps should all be cured and ready to ship well before the end of October.  Pricing is looking to come in around 15 to 17$  (so less than the 20$ originally anticipated) and the soaps will come in a rectangular clear-topped box, with each soap individually set in a paper wrapper that leaves the soaps open for view from the top.  Buyers will be able to choose their soaps (subject to availability).  The soaps so far are:

  • ginger lime goat milk
  • lavender goat milk
  • double pumpkin spice
  • winter wreath shea and silk
  • white tea & ginger shea and silkj
  • spiced cranberry shea and silk
  • kaolin & sea clay
  • double french clay
  • rosemary mint shampoo
  • dragon’s blood shampoo
  • orange creamsicle goat milk**
  • fresh snow goat milk**
  • golden carrot**
  • spiced cider**

Double asterisk denote soaps that haven’t been made yet.  Fresh snow is a new fragrance addition for this winter season, and is similar to clean laundry or fresh cotton scents.  It has notes of heliotrope, spring water, sandalwood and vetiver.   Orange creamsicle will probably be undergoing a name change, as it has several citrus notes (none of which are actually orange) but I just haven’t found the right name yet.  Spiced cider and golden carrot are both made with the ingredients their names imply, much like my double pumpkin spice soap which is made with pumpkin puree and fragranced with pumpkin spice.

Due to the choose-your-own nature of the set, rather than having ingredients listed, I will likely have a website link listed with the individual ingredients for each soap all in one place.  If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form on the website or contact me through any of the social media links below!

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