Fall Soap Are Almost Here!

Jessica Guptill

Fall soaps are almost here, and they would be here already, if it weren't for that pesky sun (or lack thereof).  I do all my product photography by natural light, which has been held up by a week of clouds and rain, so although my fall collection is ready to be sold, it can't be listed until I can get photos!  Here are the soaps you can expect.


  • Bonfire Nights:  Our most masculine soap, this smoky blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, leather and musk combine to smell like November bonfires and woodsmoke.  The bar itself is deep red and black, swirled through with orange and yellow. 


  • Apple Pickin': The fruitiest of the bunch, Apple Pickin' is our homage to the fall apple crops here in NC.  This juicy soap smells of sweet apple cider, tangy and delicious. Green and cream swirls dance over a bar of Macintosh red.  


  • October Leaves: This earthy soap, with it's two leaf-like swirls of autumn colors, is my personal favorite.  Picture yourself walking through the woods, crisp fallen leaves underfoot, and the scent of them filling the air.  Citrus notes combine with subtler notes of rose, pine and cedar for a soap that truly smells like an October walk in the woods.  

I hope to get these soaps listed before weeks end, but if you would like order in the meantime, please use the contact form or contact me through social media, and I would be happy to set up a custom listing!    These are limited edition, so once they're gone, they won't be back until next fall (and I can't guarantee they will all return)!. 


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