Fall Soaps Have Arrived!

Jessica Guptill

Sorry this took so long to get around to, but our limited edition autumn soaps have finally arrived!  These crisp fall soaps are perfect for gift giving during the fall holidays (great housewarming gift) or just bringing a little bit of autumn into your home.  
apple cider soap laying in white soap dishFirst we have Apple Pickin', the juiciest of our fall soaps.  This delicious blend of apple scents, from Granny Smith to Ambrosia, with a hint of spice, all comes together to bring the fragrance of fresh pressed cider to your shower. 

mens fall soaps lying on side in white soap dishNext, we have Bonfire Night, our smoky, musky, masculine fall scent.  This black, orange and red bar is reminiscent of nights by the fire, under the stars with friends.  The combination of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk make this our go to men's scent for autumn.

orange and tan citrus scented soaps sit in white soap dishLast, but not least, we have my personal favorite, October Leaves.  This is also the only scent we've brought back from last year.  This amazing combination of citrus, pine and cedar notes smell like a walk through the woods, when all the leaves have turned.  I love it because it reminds me of my favorite part of fall: raking leaves with my kids.  

All three of these scents are limited edition, and will be gone once the cooler weather has turned to cold.  We won't be restocking these until next fall, so if there is one you have to have, grab it before the leaves are gone!

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