About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica.  I'm the 'company' in Clean Line Soap Company.  That's right, there's just me.  I'm your soap, bath bomb, and bubble bar maker.  I'm your product photographer, webmaster, shipping department.  The works.  

Because of that, I think you'd like to know who you're buying from.  I'm also a mom to two (older girl, and younger boy), wife (without my supportive husband, I would not have made it this far), and pet owner (one fluffy American Eskimo dog, but hoping to get a cat soon).  I'm in my mid-thirties, and aside from soapmaking, I love to knit (mostly socks), read (from classic lit to Stephen King), and draw (small pen & ink illustrations).  These are the top three things I try to find time for AFTER my husband, kids, and you.  Yes, you, dear customers, because without you, I've got no business, and I do love my job.  

So if you need anything, I'm here. Please send me an email or shoot flares into the sky or whatever you need to do.  I'm here to help! I want to keep you happy so I can keep doing what makes me happy!


PS:  My favorite movies include Mad Max: Fury Road, Labyrinth, and Mary Poppins (weird combination, I know).  I'm a bit of ner, and love Harry Potter and Doctor Who (Eleven is my favorite).  When I'm packaging product, I like to watch reruns of Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  When I'm making product, I love listening to either the "Hamilton" soundtrack or any 90s alternative, but most especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who hold a special place in my formerly teenage heart.