Clean Seas Bubble Scoop Set - Eucalyptus Mint & Oceanside Solid Bubble Bath Scoops

Clean Line Soap Company

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green and blue bubble scoops in clear clamshell container
two blue and green bubble bath scoops in front of white towel
closeup of clean seas bubble scoop package and label
blue and green solid bubble bath scoops in an angled line
clean seas bubble scoops in clamshell packaging
close up mint and beach scented bubble scoops
 four blue and green bubble scoops
closeup of blue and green bubble bath scoops
eucalyptus mint and oceanside scoops on white towel

Smell fresh and clean, feel cool and relaxed, and bury yourself in mounds of bubbles with our Clean Seas Bubble Scoop set.  This cute (and recyclable) clamshell contains four of our single-use bubble scoops, two each of our freshest, cleanest scents, Oceanside and Refreshmint.  Each scoop contains a touch of cocoa butter for an extra luxurious bubble bath. 

To use each bubble scoop, hold it under warm running water, and watch it dissolve into a bath full of bubbles. The warmer the water (but be careful, not to hot!), and the heavier the faucet is running over the scoop, the more bubbles you'll get. Agitate the water for even more and bigger bubbles. Please note, you will NOT get bubbles if you just drop this in the tub. Hard water can also affect the quality and quantity of bubbles.

Net wt. 5.2 oz. (147 g.)

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, glycerin, cream of tartar, tapioca starch, cocoa butter, fragrance, polysorbate 80, mica, titanium dioxide, chromium green oxide. 

Please keep out of reach of children. Not for use by children, except under adult supervision. Butters in bubble bath may make surfaces slippery, so please use caution when entering and exiting the tub. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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